Some people have an open mind that allows them to create the coolest things! This collection of neon lights for urban cribs is amazing. Designed by USA-based Neos Lettering and available on Etsy, the Plug and Play Neon Letters and Numbers alongside the 3 Slot Neon Base that accommodate neon words with inspiring meanings are amazing decorative and lighting elements that every fresh home should display. The lighted lettering are described by its creator: “Neos Lettering features a unique system of neon letters that can be combined to create various phrases, sentences, names or just a single letter or punctuation. We also have the full Greek Alphabet. Letters are available in either blue or purple and connect end to end. Letters are estimated to be made in the early 90’s.” The base of these letters and numbers measure about 6 inches wide and 3 inches in height – they are small enough to fit on a table or even be placed in the corner of a room, on the floor. You can buy the slot neon base and choose any combination of numbers or letters to create your own personalized light.