Having a small place to go on weekends can be a blessing. In this particular case, the clients had a budget of $160,000 to spruce up their old vacation home, but the architects from Studio Twenty Seven Architecture proposed building a brand new contemporary residence for the same price of improving the old shack. The challenge of creating a gorgeous modern home for the family to retreat to resulted in a dream house constructed with minimal use of materials and maximum architectural creativeness: “a kit-of-parts assemblage was employed to construct a two-story volume of prefabricated structural insulated panels.” The new two-storey weekend getaway takes advantage of beautiful river views in a successful attempt of offering the best place for the family to relax surrounded by nature. Its placement and orientation allows the residence to connect to the landscape: “The house visually bridges the land and river yet is conceptually disconnected from the site, floating several feet above grade on piles, implying notions of mass production and a riverside site“. The last picture will show you how the Watershack looked before the inhabitants decided to modernize it. You will be amazed.