How would you like your home transformed into an indoor green labyrinth? Greenworks is a Swedish studio with an unusual company profile: they create customized indoor green walls and decorations. From mobile plant panels to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this idea can bring a fresh touch to any apartment or public space. According to the producers, you can either buy your own wall and see to the maintenance yourself or they can set up a leasing contract with a well-reputed plant-service-company that will take care of water filling, nutrition, cleaning and replanting with a guarantee promising that the wall always looks healthy. We imagine this would be a great solution for an office building. The advantages of having such a green wall? Air cleaning, humidification, evaporation of the air, aesthetic impressions, sound absorbing, the distinct symbol of having a unique profile and appreciations from visitors are just a few benefits listed by the people at Greenworks.