Nothing can be more glamorous than a three-level penthouse apartment. Designed by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) and OKHA Interiors, the extraordinary penthouse apartment that we have for you today is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sitting tall atop one of the Sandhurst Towers, the penthouse apartment features extraordinary interior design elements and furniture that make this three-level apartment one of the best I have ever seen. The project team set on creating a new standard in modern urban luxury living and so they started working on the 11th floor penthouse apartment situated in the commercial city centre. A garden also found its place in the 900 square meters apartment, creating an exquisite level of comfort even in the middle of the busy urban landscape. The designers talk about their work: “We created a continual flow from zone to zone, utilising materials that emphasised the sense of space, transparency and reflection.  We introduced organic textural / tactile elements through the use of timber and flamed granite to soften and add a counterpoint to the contemporary drama. The décor is contemporary, simple and elegant. We were not trend-driven but rather used modern designs that referenced classical elegance. It’s not only about physical aesthetics, but more about energy and mood. Here, we managed to merge the functional, physical and emotive requirements of suburban living” The spaces found in the penthouse apartment have a soft fluidity accentuated by the lack of walls but brought together by a specific zone-to-zone interior design. Extensive use of black and white is softened by exotic insertions of colour. Isn’t it fantastic?