The Nowhere but Sajima House has proven to be an outstanding modern vacation home for its inhabitants. Located approximately 1 hour away from Tokyo, in a small fishing village, the vacation house designed by Japanese architect Yasutaka Yoshimura brings fresh architectural inspiration for those in need of new ideas. Offering extensive views of Mount Fuji and the Enoshima peninsula, the Nowhere but Sajima House mimics an urban setting at a perfect distance from the crowded city. This offers the opportunity of enjoying a week or a weekend away from urban developments for different tenants. The house is perfect for different activities, from relaxing after a stressful period to parties and even weddings. Its architecture allows the tenants to explore a triangular structure with tube-like spaces that can easily adapt to any need. Although the house faces other buildings across the water, the main openings that serve as frames for the view were designed to only capture the extraordinary water panoramas, thus making curtains or other view-obstructing elements obsolete. How would you feel if you had the chance of renting such a spectacular house?