For the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann, winning the Hugo Boss prize in 2010 meant an opportunity for him to create a unique conceptual piece of art. With the $100,000 honorarium that he received for significant achievement in contemporary art and the exhibition time also awarded to the winner, the artist created a fantastic statement. He pinned 100,000 $1 bills on the wall of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, creating an extraordinary exhibition. The bills he exposed in the museum had to be used bills, not crisp new dollar bills, so that no one would think that his work is about capitalism and power. The idea behind this concept was the artist’s connection to money throughout his career. Feldmann says that there was no money in the art world when he started making art in the ’50s, so this installation is about showing the world the quantity – how much money there really is in the sum of $100,000. You can visit this year’s exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum between May 20 and November 2. It’s worth visiting because it is a onetime only exhibition, the artist taking home his money after November 2.