Erika Templeton from Post+Beam sent us some great photos of “Sakura”, a furniture collection suited for both outdoor decors and inside arrangements. Here is the information we received: “Designed by Mark Robson, the Sakura collection features eye-catching, fluid lines. Sakura is a modular system featuring ottomans, side tables, armchairs, loungers, and beds. The chairs come in four relaxation positions, and pieces can be put together to form straight-lined or curved lounge suites. Each of the four designs, from the fully upright to fully reclined, is covered with supple, woven Hydropass® material, offering comfort and performance. Hydropass® is a three-dimensional network of polyester fibers woven into a honeycomb mesh. After a rain shower, the mattress can dry in 30 minutes, as water passes through the network immediately, without retention, stagnation, or a risk of mold forming. The beauty of the Sakura collection is their versatile ability to move from outside to inside the home.” What do you think of the design of this “fluid” collection?