A shopping mall parking lot in Santa Monica, California, has become the focal point for passers-by. Hanging above the sidewalk, the art installation created by Ball-Nogues Studio is made out of mirror polished stainless steel spheres: “Each ball is suspended by a cable from a point on the wall and locked in position by a combination of gravity and neighboring balls. The whole array reflects distorted images of passersby. Aside from the Newton’s Cradle reference, we wanted the overall shape to elicit things that we thought might be slightly provocative when inserted into the glitzy Santa Monica urban landscape.  On one hand the installation resembles a big banana hammock and on the other it suggests the female reproductive system.” Named Cradle, the installation expresses the collaboration between digital technology and creative minds. By using technology, Ball-Nogues Studio predicted the organizing of the spheres but it was only when they transformed the idea into an actual physical thing that they could find out how gravity and Newton’s Cradle effect would position the spheres. Originally designed by Frank Gehry, the Cradle was created by “pouring” the spheres into molds. Did it turn out great?