This elegant showroom in Vienna was designed by SOLID Architecture for Bene office furniture manufacturer. Here is more from the press release we received: “The area of the showroom is extending, strip-like, alongside the exterior façade of a newly erected building. SOLID architecture was commissioned to develop the design of the showroom on the ground floor as well as of the vertically extending space. The visitor is to be met by a lively and varied path leading through the world Bene, and, simultaneously, the visitor is to be welcomed by a site with its own individual identity and unique character and features. The showroom is the stage, on which Bene is going to make its presentation. The main entrance to the showroom is constituted by a semi-public entrance hall, which may also be used by the tenants of the other office floors. (photographer  Günter Kresser)

The entire back wall of the showroom is cladded with panels that are covered by textile fabrics, thus forming its spatial backbone. The panels are of a modular configuration, which makes it possible to substitute one for the other. The backbone comprises the room, in this way limiting the room. In the area that is also used for events, the panels are covered in addition by a sound-absorbing acoustic inlay. The basic color of the backbone is a dark and warm brown, combined with pale gray and white panels. Individual colored panels create additional highlights. By means of these panels, the backbone may be adapted in color to the alternating scenes created in the showroom.” We find this design delightfully sober-therefore suited for an office furniture company, but are looking forward to your reactions as well.