The Bridge House promises an introduction into contemporary living. Designed by Stanley Saitowitz, the extraordinary rectangular residential structure was built using bridge modelling techniques that ensure the residence is functional and safe. The natural landscape helped the architect create a connection to the surroundings by opening up the internal spaces to the outside world. Located in Marin, California, the Bridge House dazzles with its eternal connection to the landscape – everything this house stands for was inspired by the natural surroundings. The hill based property allowed the architect to create a long and narrow residence that rests on two sides of the hillside, creating a bridge-like house structure. The rocky ravine supports the long structure of the house that lies from east to west. Exterior Cor-Ten cladding keeps the residence looking modern and beautifully contrasts with the extensive use of glass. All the glass insertions that can be seen between the metal sheets offer the inhabitants exquisite views of the surroundings. A pool that runs perpendicular to the housing structure completes the exterior features of this amazing house. Don’t you just love how architects can transform the landscape to fit unique residential structures?