The Mywell Faucet was created by Orsodesign and has the ability to filter water with amazing results. According to the press release the developers sent us, “the filtering faucet allows individual homeowners to treat their tap water. It is one of the most sanitary drinking water systems available, designed to deliver clean, healthy drinking water right from the tap. This innovative design works with a multi–stage water filtering system which is integrated into the faucet, delivering fresh natural pure drinking water of a premium quality. The Mywell faucet offers also a built-in Smart Controller which warns when the water filter should be replaced.  It is also environmentally friendly by reducing plastic bottle waste.” We believe it was high time for these type of designs to take off and be sold at a large scale, especially in a world where healthy food and water seem to be scarce. The filter faucet costs 399 Euros and is available for purchase online here.