Need an uncommon chair set for original coffee breaks?  The witty Out of Balance stools by German designer Thorsten Franck could be the unconventional solution you were looking for. These chairs may not be extremely comfortable, but they sure make up for that with their playful design. According to the project developers, the stools were built like egg shells with a weight at the bottom for balance: “OUT_OF_BALANCE is a lounging stool for rocking, sitting & relaxing. the stool stands flexible like a milking stool just on one leg – using the principles of a tumbler. the three dimensional base body is formed in a light weight construction out of oak veneer, using a special 3d forming technology.” Even though we find this design clever and highly appealing, we wonder how many adults would “fall for it” and believe a special collection for children will be just as much (if not a lot more) appreciated. What do you think?