The Juicy Pendant Light makes use of great design and the natural desire for light that creates a fantastic ambiance. Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard designed the pendant light for Danish manufacturer Lightyears. The idea behind this pendant light design is one that resulted after taking into account one single piece of furniture – the dining table – and one instinctive desire completed by modern features – gourmet food: “The basis for creating the first pendant for Lightyears was concrete: To design the optimum, energy-friendly pendant for the dining table, which provides the table with concentrated, non-dazzling light. The pendant must take up as little space as possible, and the shape must be experienced as being “flat”.” Thus the perfect non-invasive pendant light for the dining table was born. Stylishly hanging above one of the most important moments together with your family, the Juicy Pendant Light features a seamless design perfectly integrated in a modern home: the wire, cone and shade merge to shape a fantastic light. What more could you want from a pendant light for the dining table?