Over the years, metal accents in the home were a status symbol and a way to show off a family’s fortune and prestige. In modern day homes, the presence of metals are still a well sought after amenity, and the finishes range from cool stainless steel to golden copper accents. Copper has found itself at home in modern exteriors for lighting to decorative garden decor and furnishings. Inside the home, copper is gorgeous in bathrooms and kitchens to adorn countertops, plumbing fixtures and more. If you’d like to bring shimmering copper accents into your home, here are tips to give you inspiration.

  • Copper plumbing fixtures: Whether you are looking for new fixtures for your kitchen or bathroom, copper has always been associated with a perfect metal for plumbing. In the past, copper was used for drain and air conditioner piping, while today it can also be found in finished and polished decorative plumbing fixtures.  The choices span from long gooseneck kitchen faucets, to wall mounted minimalistic faucets that bring simplicity to a simple lined vanity in your bathroom.
  • Interior lighting accents: Copper finishes stem from light brown, to shiny rose-colored patinas. The beauty of copper is the ability for it to develop a patina or an aged finish that makes copper look beautiful day one, or years into the future. Interior lighting for wall sconces, pendant and even dining room lighting is a trending finish that many designers pair up with textiles and wall colors that complement the natural beauty of copper. When considering exterior copper lighting, oxidation or a greenish tone can result on copper fixtures. This is part of copper’s natural patina and is a normal process when copper is exposed to the elements. Embrace this, as its part of coppers’ enduring beauty.
  • Sinks, sinks, and more sinks: Copper sinks have found there way into plumbing manufacturer showrooms in increasing numbers. From farmhouse kitchen or apron sinks to undermount copper designer sinks that have engraving, artwork and etchings as integral parts of the bowl, sinks are showing off copper like never before. Since copper can be formed into many shapes, it is common to see copper sinks in shapes of seashells, animals, and other nature inspired forms. Manly local artisans enjoy working with copper too. Commission a local artisan in your area to enhance your home with a custom sink.
  • Bring the old world back to life: Many homeowners enjoy the nostalgia of copper. Since copper used to be more readily available, it was used in decor, bathtubs, and even tile inserts among ceramic tile. Many people like to bring historical and nostalgic flair to their interiors, and the bathroom and kitchen are great places to showcase old world chandeliers, pendant lights, range hoods, and even soaking bathtubs. If you have an older bathtub, consider having it refurbished and have copper coating applied professionally. It will help you repurpose a relic and enhance your bathroom.

Copper amenities in your home are a beautiful way to bring out the shine and glitter, or the understated patina of this metal in your interiors. Adding copper to your home can also help unite a neutral color palette in your home, or emphasize color and bold elements. Pick a place in your bathroom or kitchen, and see how copper can change your entire space for the better.

Freshome readers, do you use copper in your interiors? We’d love to hear how.