Cabinets come in a variety of finishes, textures, colors and design styles. Traditional lines with intricate detailing may be your decorative style, or you may prefer modern styled cabinets with less visual detail. Modern styled cabinets shouldn’t be ignored because of their visual simplicity; on the contrary, modern styled cabinets can help transform your space. Modern cabinets tend to blend seamlessly into one another with only reveal lines for visual separation. If you’re in the market for cabinetry, see how modern styled cabinets may be what your home is looking for.

  • Colors to suit every design style: Is your design style eclectic or ultra edgy that you don’t want to see your interiors in everyone else’s house? Modern styled cabinetry has color choices from cobalt blue to lemon yellow, and every color in the spectrum you can fathom. For those of you that enjoy a kitchen that will represent your personality, cabinetry that exudes color and definition doesn’t require ornamentation and detail. Minimal décor is required, as your cabinetry sets the stage for the entire space!
  • European styling: If you love the European appeal of cabinetry, than modern styled are for you. From rich colors and shiny lacquer finishes, to exotic wood appearances and streamlined hardware. European cabinetry has an undeniable aesthetic that your kitchen or bathroom will enjoy. Determine if your adjacent areas lend itself to European styling décor. Minimalist furniture, wide open spaces, and modern lines are all characteristic of interiors that well compliment your modern styled cabinetry.
  • Straight lines are boring: Modern styled cabinets throw out all the ideas of straight lines and 90 degree angles. From curvilinear forms and sweeping lined cabinets, you can bring in a whole new dynamic into your kitchen or bath. Curvilinear cabinetry works well in open space floor plans where there is ample space to walk around and maneuver through the room.  If using in kitchens that have a smaller space, opt for a galley kitchen, or kitchen islands where two functions can be served will the innovative shape. Seating and cooking is a great way to take full advantage of curvilinear forms.
  • Modern amenities: If your cabinetry is going to be state of the art and modern, opt for amenities that compliment it as well. Glass or frosted panels that allow light and vision through cabinet doors is contemporary and adds a break of all the paneled cabinet fronts.  Choose minimalist hardware to open up cabinet doors and drawers. For modern cabinetry, a spring action closer is required instead on hardware. This gives a seamless visual front that makes your space look like a continuous wall of beautiful material. Choose sinks and appliances that match the sleekness of your cabinets to bring the entire space together seamlessly.

Modern style cabinetry isn’t for everyone, although there usually is a form and function that will appeal to many. In many kitchen and baths, modern cabinetry can be mixed and matched with varying colors and styles to bring together a unified appeal. Depending on your taste, your home and interiors should reflect you and your family’s style and taste. Modern styled cabinetry can transform your kitchen or bath into the space you’ve always dreamed of!

Freshome reader’s do you have modern style cabinets in your home? If you don’t have modern styled cabinetry, tell us why or why not you would choose them for your kitchen or bath.