Casa Paredes Tres Ocho was designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos and is located in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga city, Mexico. This modern two-storey residence offers a high level of privacy, by being almost completely “shut”. At least this is the impression someone gets by taking a stroll in front of it. But here is some counter information about the building’s structure from the architects: “The terraces are undoubtedly the most comfortable spaces; the house has the flexibility to become a large terrace of great height, windows linked to central space, room and terrace, are hidden to open to the outside by a pond vegetation (central) and one temporal (outside). This allows the terrace to interrelate without any obstacles to the garden. Kitchen and dining room are linked to entrance level; the first is located towards the street with an output window of the facade which extends the internal perspective, the second looks over the terrace and the central area, receiving natural air from the side garden. The entire second level is connected by a single bridge topped by a subtle translucent staircase that leads to the top level which is the meditation room, working as a large gazebo on the hill, creating an atmosphere conducive to reflection“. How do you appreciate the interior design of this home?