Two rectangular reinforced concrete blocks sitting atop of each other make up the primary architecture of the Paraty House. Located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, on one of the islands near Paraty City, the residence cantilevers 8 meters outwards from the mountainside. Reaching towards the Brazilian coast, the residence is an exceptional secluded home where the inhabitants arrive after by boat. The topography found here sustains the architecture of the house in a successful attempt to offer the inhabitants a modern residence that penetrates nature to make room for comfortable living. The luscious corridor that runs along the coastline offers the Paraty House extensive views of the beach and water. Designed by Marcio Kogan, the two floor residence features the living room, kitchen and service area on the lower floor and bedrooms on the second volume. The roof acts like a mixture of outside places that offer the best of nature:  an observation deck, green terraces and gardens for herbs, medicinal plants and sculptures. Art can also be found indoors, where the inhabitants have gathered a collection of works by well-known artists.  Every detail of the extraordinary residence comes as a modern addition to nature: from the textured exterior walls to the extensive use of glass. Enjoy the pictures and explore the connection between humans and wild nature.