The Roberts Residence is one of those homes that received a total makeover, making it hard to recognise after the architects finished working on it. The post-war house that used to occupy the lot has been transformed into a freshly designed residence for a young family of four. All the spaces in the house – the master bedroom and bath, 2 additional bedrooms with a bathroom and playroom for the children, the kitchen, living room, an office, gym, laundry room and storage – were recreated by tearing down the interior walls, second floor and roof. The 3,500 square feet house became a dream home situated on a slightly sloped terrain. A double-height volume featuring a glazed wall opens up to the outside space, offering beautiful views of the nearby park. The kitchen was prolonged outside on the terrace, creating a natural gathering space for the family and guests. Division1 Architects worked on this project that surprises the most elemental human desires: a dream home surrounded by nature. Thanks to Debi Fox Photography, we can all enjoy the beautiful Roberts Residence. Look below to see the before and after pictures.