Flowing Lake is a spectacular looking residence designed by David Vandervort Architects and located in Snohomish, Washington. The architects’ challenge was to build a home that would take full advantage of the lush green environment. Especially created for a young and active couple, Flowing Lake residence manages to maximize the opening towards the lake as well as the the limited amount of natural light. Here is more information from the project developers: “The solution was to first establish a path to the water alongside which a house was then placed. The path begins at an auto court with its detached garage/office. It then descends past the bedroom wing alongside the giant firs to mid-slope where a glass corridor/entry blurs the line between interior and exterior.The materials of the house are honest and natural. This allows the house to meld with the natural landscape so that by day it is difficult to isolate when viewed from the lake, while at night the home glows reassuringly from within.”  Enjoy the photos!