Sitting Bulles was created by French designer Marie Galoyer as a fun and comfortable alternative to outdoor furniture. By connecting inflatable bubbles similar to beach balls, the designer created a comfortable seating unit for relaxing days by the pool. The bubbles differ in size to create a sturdy place to rest and enjoy the sun. Thanks to Design Milk, we got to see this amazing alternative to classic furniture. The Sitting Bulles come with a storage and transport case, so you can take it with you on vacation. Each ball is inflated and connected to the others in less than five minutes. Although it looks pretty fragile, the Sitting Bulles can safely be used by a person weighing up to 400 pounds. Even the material used for creating the bubbles was designed to face harsh outdoor conditions and offer you a relaxing nook for many sunny days to come. The transparency makes the overall design stand out by the pool or in the garden and offers a modern approach to outdoor relaxation.