If you had to choose between colours and non-colours, what would it be? I think that this next apartment will convince you that colourful decorative elements will always be livelier and offer a distinct feeling of happiness. Found on Delikatissen, the apartment featured today has it all: a fantastic open floor plan, bright interiors and a gorgeous selection of mix and match furniture. The amazing thing is that this apartment is the result of an open minded couple that got rid of any unnecessary walls and opened up the kitchen and the living room, creating a spacious living area. The intelligent reconstruction of the apartment transformed it into a spacious three bedroom apartment dominated by white and splashed with a bold mixture of colours. The resulting flexible room arrangement is perfect for a modern family and offers a comfortable and youthful space. The kitchen occupies as little space as possible, having storage space conveniently hidden and bar stools that offer a valuable versatile space for guests or family to enjoy breakfast or coffee. The bathroom was placed between the public and private spaces of the apartment. Three niches coloured in black make up the bookshelves in the living area without taking up much space. The neutral colour base of the apartment is perfect for creating highlights through furniture and decorative elements, don’t you think?