The Manila Rope Lights forecast a new trend in lighting. Created with a clearly distinctive vision by Toronto based art and design studio Atelier 688, the lights measure 12ft sections, but you can contact the designer for custom lengths. Measuring 2″ in diameter, the ropes have a simple yet extremely efficient design. Because all the items sold by the design atelier are handmade, the uniqueness of this product can not be questioned. Focusing on reclaimed, revitalized and vintage pieces, Atelier 688’s mission was successful when creating such a bold and simple design that creates a strong connection to all things natural. Used as an alternative to usual lighting, these beautiful ropes have a strong versatility and simplicity that can easily dominate the room. They can be tied in many ways and can change the whole appearance of a room. Visit Atelier 688’s Etsy shop if you want to have your own Manila Rope Light for $ 350.