Some people find it difficult to live far away from their family. This could be the main reason for a young family to build their dream house next to their parent’s residence. The Residence in Nabari City, Japan was designed by Matsunami Mitsutomo Architect & Associates. Spreading over almost 100 square meters, the house meets the inhabitant’s requirements: a modern Japanese-inspired residence that creates a comfortable feeling of connection to nature. A moderate distance between the client’s house and their parents creates a strong family bond through a semi-outside space. By considering the traditional village landscape surrounding this site, the architects used 50 years maintenance-free Titanium Alloyed Zinc sheets to cover the facade, creating a distinctive architecture for the Nabari Residence. The lower floor features the bedrooms, while the second floor shelters the entertaining areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen. Glazed wooden sliding doors that open completely to the backyard offer an alternative to modern architectural entrances. An Engawa was formed – a Japanese traditional house veranda – to remind the clients of their Japanese inheritance. Other features of the house include natural ventilation formed by the architecture, skylights and windows that ensure the perfect amount of natural light and insulated spaces. Do you think that this house has a modern Japanese architecture and interior design, as intended?