The three bedroom apartment you can see in the following photos is located on Kungsholmen Island in Stockholm, Sweden. As you can clearly see, the exquisite interiors express a pure lifestyle, punctuated by bold splashes of colour. The 1,550 square feet residence gathers guests around a central living area connected to the kitchen by the arrangement of the open floor plan. The three bedrooms of the apartment offer comfortable resident and guest accommodations. All the entertaining and private rooms of the home are built around a central idea of pure white walls with clean design lines. The beautifully displayed furniture keeps the same crisp design line in order to convey an amazing feeling of relaxation. Just by looking at the pictures, I can imagine how it would be like to walk around the white open floor plan apartment. Featuring over 30 square feet, the terrace offers an urban panorama of the city and the Klara Sjö canal. One of the two bathrooms of the apartment has a sauna that ensures a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. Offered at $ 1,35 million, the apartment can be bought from here. Tell us, wouldn’t you like to live here?