This unusual bathroom renovation found on Instructables emanates only good vibes, which is why we decided to share it with you. The project was achieved by a couple (an artist and an engineer), as part of their basement remodel. Using hand painted tiles, they managed to create an unconventional looking bathroom: For our basement bathroom renovation, my wife and I decided to go all-out with our colour palette, and the result is gloriously bright, fun, and happy. When the sun comes through the window just right, the bathroom lights up with bright, bold colours that scream, “DRAW A BATH AND PLUNGE INTO THE RAINBOW!” Our design was inspired by a smattering of bathroom tiling ideas I found throughout the web, though none of those designs had gone to the extent of custom painting 34 different shades onto their tiles. When we first saw this, we though that it would be a great idea for a children’s bathroom. Would you consider initiating a similar DIY project for your home?