The Lopez Island Residence is surrounded by as much inspiring nature as possible. Located – as its name states – on Lopez Island, Washington, the home cascades gently between the trees to offer a bold connection to nature. The structure of the house runs along a river close by. This allowed an orientation that offers both light and warmth and ensures beautiful views of the surroundings. An isolated master bedroom at the upper level sets a comfort standard in the middle of nature. The architects explain how the floor-plan was created: “The angle of the living wing corresponds to the bank and creates an embraced outdoor deck area.  The house reaches out to the southeast path to the beach, to the gardens further to the east and most importantly to the west and northwest views of the water.” Needing for their creativity to run free, the inhabitants asked for a studio to help maintain the same dream lifestyle, so they received a generous space for both of them to share their artistic views. His and hers art spaces bring a much needed creative space to the almost perfect residence and the studio is connected to the house with the help of an arcade. Designed by David Vandervort Architects, the house features an impressive Tibetan prayer wheel that adds character and an Asian influence. This is the personalized modern island living we would love to see more of.