Here is an intriguing workout instrument to compliment the nasty treadmill, be it straight or inclined.  Mt.EverClimb is sure to get your attention if you are a climbing fan or simply enjoy mountain trips. A practical tool to get you fit in no time, one thing is certain when it comes to Mt.EverClimb: it will never run out of rope due to a smart pulley system. The gym machine features heavy-duty, welded tubular-steel frame with quality components, an angled footrest and automatic shut-off safety floor, front-mounted switch box for user to control speed, power, and direction of rope. Moreover, the product is available in custom heights and colors. Even though it is said to be safer than actual mountain climbing, we like to think of it as a mere workout for the real thing. We would love to know your opinion on this new workout idea as well as your post-purchase impressions.