The Fold Place was designed by Toronto/Ottawa based architectural firm Linebox. Built in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood, the two storey house welcomes guests with its eastern side entrance. The architects describe their work: “A cantilevered bay wraps around the corner at the second level, its crisp lines, layering of planes and contrasting materials producing a piece of geometric art. On the opposite elevation, a single storey garage, clad in richly stained pine in contrast to the neutral light-grey stucco of the main volume, is extruded on the angle of the lot.” The pine is also used to beautify several other outside parts of the house and to delimitate the front and back volumes. With their fresh and progressive style, the architects used white walls on the inside in order to visually enlarge the space and two important architectural elements: on the west side of the house, there is a sculpted ebony staircase while on the east side, a light chimney featuring an opaque window caresses a small interior garden with light. These two elements separate the living room from the kitchen/dining area. Glazed doors and windows cut in different shapes and sizes bring natural light in while boldly exposing the interior space to the outside environment. Where privacy was important, narrow but tall windows were placed to avoid indiscreet eyes. Look beyond the architecture and imagine yourself living here. What was the first great thing you noticed?