The warm sandy beaches on the Pacific coastlines inspire impressive cribs in terms of size and architecture. For today we would like to showcase the imposing Birdview Residence designed by Doug Burdge in collaboration with interior designer Tim Clarke and located in Malibu. This diverse modern home stretches over 10,000 square feet and has no less than seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. According to the designers, the building provides privacy, lushness, sustainability, warmth and livability. Its contemporary massive exterior may not stand out from the crowd, but the residence offers comfort and functionality beyond imaginable. The pocket doors open wide to a 50? long pool/spa, perfect for entertaining. The lights and patio furniture turn this area into a vivid party zone. And if that’s not enough, the guests can simply take a short walk to the beach, where more exotic fun awaits. Birdview Residence is currently up for sale here, listed at $27 million.