Architect Juan Carlos Ricardes in collaboration with Jay Hedahl completed an intriguing house design in Florida, which impresses due to its unique exterior. A massive white concrete volume with an original geometry, unexpected entrances and asymmetrically placed windows invites guest to contemplate further.  The facade of the house is truly mesmerizing and includes the main house entrance, the pathway to the garage,  a glimpse of the balcony located at the top floor. The circular roof with solar panels provides that extra energy the home needs. Embedded in a rich natural environment, the crib looks like a noble retreat and takes advantage of some amazing views. The interior is tasteful and welcoming, featuring vivid design elements and interesting artworks. Large windows ensure a good indoor outdoor connection and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. We invite you to a fun virtual tour of this incredible house, at the end of which we would love your reactions.