Here is an amazing apartment that we are certain will not leave you indifferent. After all, who can resist a fresh, spacious loft, conveniently  situated in a beautiful historic building and tastefully displaying exposed beams, a lovely chimney, lavish cuisine, tasteful arrangements  and views of Gothenburg’s red and green rooftops? Found on Alvhem, the crib you are about to discover is structured on two levels, one of which is actually an expansion of the initial apartment and is situated on the top building floor. The views in the “attic” are absolutely fantastic and the interior design is flawless. The bottom level features three rooms plus kitchen and can be characterized by bright colors, combined with an excellent dim lighting scheme. The open plan living room with rustic elements (beams and bricks) creates a highly welcoming environment for having friends over. One could say this apartment has it all; what’s your opinion?