An Apple enthusiast and a tidiness maniac as well? Here’s a design that will suit both your needs. The Idoormat is not actually an Apple design, but was given this name by Technabob due to its obvious resemblance with the “I gadgets”. This is not just a welcoming mat, but a practical product that will surely convince you to clean your shoes the modern way: from right to left, in a gentle stroke. But when holding an Iphone in your hands while standing on this mat, wouldn’t it be hard to coordinate your finger and foot in order to make the same move? We absolutely love this simple, yet crazy design and think it would be a great way to add a welcoming touch to your home. The witty product is available for purchase online here, for 19,90 Euros. Yes, the manufacturer is German, but why should that spoil the fun of having yet another “I-something” in our homes?