The Inside Out House in Tokyo, Japan was constructed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. Built for a married couple and their two cats, the residence’s architecture is based on the idea of cats and humans living together, sharing the same space. On the wall and roof, carefully placed openings allow light and air to reach the interiors and rain to quench the thirst of the greenery planted inside. The irregular form of the site was decisive for the building’s shape: an asymmetrical quadrangle perfect for cats and humans. The unconventional shape allowed the architects to play with the interiors. The lack of air-conditioning allows the inhabitants – humans and cats – to live as they would outside, in perfect harmony with the environment and depending on the weather. Protective boxes shelter the main living spaces: bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor and a living room on top. The living room has glass sliding doors that make it easy to either enjoy the beautiful weather or be protected from rain and cold. The weather-dependent Inside Out House shows that people can embrace nature and extend their lives outside regular walls. Architecture has also proven that any need or desire can be met with the proper ideas. Could you live comfortable in a home like this one?