Lookout House is a diverse modern residence recently redesigned and reorganized by IKE KLIGERMAN BARKLEY architects. The project is located atop of a hill in Fairfield County, Connecticut and has great views of distant Long Island. According to the designers, “the original pyramid form of the house, which is centered on an open-plan double-height living space surrounding an indoor pool, was lightened and simplified with a contemporary material palette (including bamboo, bluestone, and glass tile) and a new lighting program. A glass bridge—an “architectural synapse” that clearly differentiates old from new—connects the main house to the master suite. Like the original structure, the new suite is a large volume enclosing a smaller one—in this case, a freestanding cube, finished in claro walnut, that divides the sleeping and bath areas.” The pool room in the first photo is the most spectacular part of the house, offering a perfect place for socializing and relaxation. And as you can below, the residence also features a second pool, this time embedded in nature. [Photography by Peter Aaron]