If you like a shot of bold color or even a bold wall pattern to set the tone for your interiors, then you most likely enjoy a dramatic space that tells a story. Adding drama to your room with bold wall patterns is an easy way to bring in whimsical touches, or a serious overtone into your space. Bold can be one element, bold can take up your entire wall, or bold can be a pattern or color that makes you double take when you step in the room. Whichever is your interpretation of bold, here are ways to bring them into your interiors.

  • Saturation of color and pattern: One way to go bold in your interiors is by using color and pattern in high saturation levels. If you love red and orange – two highly saturated colors then put them together and start the drama! Try pairing colors together that are complimentary to bring visual interest, and for ease of pairing furniture and decor in the space. Remember, you still have to live in this space, so make it funky but still livable and not an eye sore! Try using saturation of muted tones and patterns to still get a wow factor visually, this can be accomplished with mixing neutrals and bold variations too.
  • Be creative: If you are one who likes to have unique forms and styling in your home, try using bold and creative forms of design expression. Wall decals are an easy way to get this look and still change your mind if you want! Pair wall decals with light fixtures, shelving, or even furniture to give 2D elements the look of 3D creative elements. You will be surprised how a bed that didn’t have a headboard, now looks sophisticated and fun with the addition of a bold wall decal.
  • Busy and bold: Have you ever noticed some of the boldest and busiest wall patterns make the room a pleasure to be in? The trick? Using simple color schemes coupled with the busy wall patterns. There is no rule that says you can’t use bold and busy wall art, wallpaper, or patterns. Although, to keep your eyes from bugging out your head, it is best to make the colors subtle, neutral, and complimentary. If you thought a black and white bedroom could only be boring and simple, think again! To unite all the element of your room, choose a unifying pattern to use throughout. For example a wall detail can be repeated in your bedding, headboard, and furniture.
  • Bold materials: If you prefer to keep the colors and patterns simple but want to bring a touchable boldness to your interiors, try using finishes and materials that attract interest immediately. Try using an accent wall of stone, brick, wood or metal that has a bold presence. While most people consider boldness only in the patterns, boldness can come from a feeling of strength and structure in the layout of the materials. Use repetitive themes of natural stone or river rocks to make your fireplace dominate your space. Bold materials will command a presence!

Bold drama in your interiors can be a simple shift of focus as to what you consider to be bold and eye catching. Use these simple tips to take your interior walls from hardly noticed, to conversation starters. If you are a do it yourselfer (DIY) visit your local home improvement store to see what new products are on the market. From paints and wall finishes, to wall paper and cool materials, your walls can be bold with the right creativity. Go for it, your dramatic interiors are waiting to be unleashed.

Freshome reader’s what bold statement have you made on your interior walls? We’d love to hear!