Here is a mesmerizing looking two-room apartment featuring charming contemporary arrangements that pay tribute to the lovely Scandinavian Style. The crib has two rooms plus kitchen ans stretches over an area of 74 square meters. According to Alvhem, the open plan living room is the social core of the apartment and features high ceilings, immaculate walls painted in white, oak flooring and lovely generous windows. Splashes of color liven up the interior and together with the inviting seating elements, seem to call out for visitors. The brazen kitchen island with a thick countertop of sandstone creates a social atmosphere which is sure to make any cook happy. The worktop has a sub-glued sink from Blanco that is both stylish and practical. The terrace offers great views of the beautiful neighborhood as well as a perfect place for relaxation. What an inspiring use of space for a modern two-room apartment !