With its imposing character, the Kooyong House extends its outside beauty indoors. Designed by Matt Gibson Architecture, the formerly Victorian double front house undertook a great transformation with the results you can see in the pictures below. The main front elements of the house were left intact, while the architects added an upper level, a garage and a pool. Two “L”-shaped floors were stacked on top of each other and a large hallway connects the old part of the building with the new part. The interior layout of the residence as explained by the architects: “The interior spatial logic of the original was flipped. The formality of the existing dwelling was deliberately used  for adult (sleeping and greeting )uses whilst the rear of the ground level converts to more informal Living purposes with Children’s facilities upstairs. Small extensions off the ground floor ‘L’ and nips and tucks to the first floor enable a series of separate individual & private light courts that spill off the internal spaces.” Timber cladding on the facade completed by sinuous design lines offer the residence a contemporary look. A lot of attention was given to each space display, creating sculptural spaces that contrast with the remaining Victorian residence. The design of the two floors work together to create a functional residence that embraces the interior courtyard. As you can see, the residence was created by respecting the past and welcoming the future.