The diverse and stunning River House was designed by MCK Architects and is located in Sydney, Australia. A massive project, impressive from any angle, the building relates to its “steep and awkwardly shaped” site and is said to reflect the personality of the Lane Cove river situated in its vicinity. Here is more on the home’s structure from the architects: “The First Floor shingle box remains largely recessive from the river side. Generous circulation zones greet the user upon entry. A wedge-shaped joinery box floating in plan like an island, separates the circulation zones from the main Living Zone, and thus heighten the experience of the journey through the space. The Main Living Zone is a bent tube shaped form with the Kitchen as the fulcrum. From this space, significant views can be obtained of the local natural precinct.” Inside and out, this residence impresses and inspires. Enjoy this incredible home skilfully photographed by Steve Back.