Take a good look at the picture above. Can you see the difference between a usual library and one that has received the attention of someone who loves decorating? These fun ideas found on StyleItChic inspires you to create an easy, innovative and creative library sculpture. Using diverse decorative items, these libraries were “sculpted” with a skull motif. Each of the libraries has a different expression, created by the outlines of the simple elements decorating the plain shelves. The great design lays in the contrast between the decorative items and the spaces between the shelves. Keeping the same colour composition for each project, you can easily create a visually interactive corner for your hobby: reading, writing, playing music or collecting things. Carefully choosing each decorative element will create a fantastic place to store your books, guitars or chess boards.  This is a great DiY project for those of you who expect nothing but the best from your home. I am sure that this idea will bring on many other decorative styles, so we look forward to seeing what this idea inspired you to create in your own home.