This amazing looking contemporary home was achieved by reinventing the space within an old church, dating back to the mid-nineteen century. The project was completed in in Brisbane, Australia and belongs to Willis Greenhalgh Architects. Here is more information from the developers; “First a church then a theatre, a slice of Brisbane’s heritage has been saved from demolition and transformed into two striking luxury homes. The existing buildings date back to 1867 and are heritage listed. Extensive community and heritage consultation ensured the balance between conserving the integrity of the buildings, the subtle introduction of contemporary elements, and the relationship with the surrounding area.” The interiors are truly breathtaking and it seems that some of the soberness of the initial old church was transfered while designing the imposing decors that make up this unusual residence. Be sure to check out the “before” photo at the end of the post in order to better understand the transformation and -as usual- let us know what impressed you the most!