Dear readers, the time has come for as to draw a line and see what what happened on Freshome in the month of April. We are happy to see that each posts gets your appreciation expressed through voting, sharing, comments and relevant advice. Without any further ado, here are the 10 most popular posts presented in April 2011, according to your Facebook shares. Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each project.

#1. Judging by your votes, the best project presented by Freshome in April comes from Juliana Santacruz Herrera who decided the streets of Paris were too gloomy and needed a little fresh touch. With these in mind she came up with the concept of decorating the potholes of the city using colorful strips of fabric. Creative, fun and a bit crazy, but we loved this idea just as much as you did.

#2. Here is a project and a place that will keep you contemplating. Designed by Greek studio Divercity Architects in collaboration with mplusm, Grace Santorini is a beautiful 20-room hotel with astonishing views. Combining luxury with amazing services, the hotel is highly inviting, particularly if you take in consideration its beautiful swimming pools and welcoming interiors.

#3. Owned by architect Charles Sieger of Sieger Suarez, this impressive castle with moat seems sprung out of a imaginative story. Surrounded by a large, lake-like moat, the exceptional construction has a balanced symmetry that guides the design lines. Upon entering the property, elegant black gates welcome the guests and take them to a beautiful pathway towards the residence, flanked by trimmed hedges and trees. Crossing the bridge, the view opens to the magnificent castle. A river runs right at the edge of the property, making the aerial view even more spectacular.

#4. Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is a resort where each room has its own infinity pool. Embedded in a place of scenic beauty, the infinity pools here are called “sanctuaries” and are divided into “star”, “moon”, “sun” and “galaxy” pools,  according to their size. The price for experiencing a night in this tropical resort? Costs per room range from $950 to $2,700 US.

#5. Made from over 100,000 toothpicks over the course of 35 years, the “Rolling through the Baytoothpick sculpture was created by Scott Weaver, an artist who has been building toothpick sculptures since he was 8 years old, back in 1968. The sculpture features four ping-pong balls that take you on a tour across the toothpick city. Click the photo for an amazing video of the project!

#6. Safe House” was designed by Kwk Promes Architects and is located in Warsaw, Poland. The aim of the project was to create a two-level “fortress” that would provide a high level of security for the owners. Which is why the house features movable concrete walls that can pretty much isolate the entire residence when the owners are away for example. The house can literally be “closed” and “opened” according to the needs of the inhabitants.

#7. Ricardo Bofill is the proud inhabitant and creator of one of the best architectural conversions. An old cement factory became the playground of a fabulous array of art and culture. On a surface of over 3,100 square meters that used to serve as an industrial building, the architect created a space of wonders, grouping different spaces with various artistic and residential purposes: offices, archives, a model laboratory, an exhibition space, Bofill’s apartment, guest rooms and gardens. Exquisite in every detail, this old Cement Factory bconnects two distinct ages and merges styles through a fabulous design.

#8. Even though Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils also works with billboards, prints, metal, and other mixed media, for today we decided to show you these amazing portraits carved into walls. There is not a lot one could say when looking at these amazing works that have the ability of leaving one breathless. As we stated in the initial post, we would love to see this type of street art being popularized and taking major proportions in urban areas across the globe.

#9. Located in Budapest, the luxurious penthouse apartment below was designed by Archikron Interior Design Studio. The deep chocolate brown used with an artistic outcome throughout the apartment brings a comfortable and majestic feeling to the whole design. Accentuated by bright modern furniture, the main colour is also associated with dark hues and vivid green coloured plants.

#10. We are happy to see a “green” concept in this amazing countdown. London firm Cyclehoop came up with an original idea to promote the use of bicycles over vehicles. This ingenious project was commissioned for the London Festival of Architecture and consists of car-shaped bike racks painted in vivid colors. The concept behind this initiative is that ten bicycles take up the space of one car, which is why people should reconsider the role of the two-wheel vehicles.