Bright spaces and chic interior design are part of this astonishing 19,200 square feet loft with contemporary appeal. Designed by San Antonio based Poteet Architects, the large loft features two floors that were originally just empty storage spaces. The building in which the loft is located is a factory in downtown San Antonio, dating back to the 1920s. The roof terrace, cladded in corten, brings additional entertainment and relaxation spaces, together with a beautiful panorama of the surroundings. Featured as one of the 100 best spaces published in Metropolitan Home magazine over its 30 year history, the Collector’s Loft, as it was named, benefits from natural sunlight accentuated by modern furniture and surprising details. The architects explain their choices: “Both old structure and new interventions are rendered in white, emphasizing the textural contrast of the existing masonry and board-formed concrete with the new walls, luminous epoxy floors and lacquered cabinetry.” On the lower level, the main living spaces draw natural light from tall skylight shafts and inset porches and conveys it into a more diffuse light with the help of steel and glass partitions. The upper level is organized as a series of galleries, including a black box theatre for video art and a 18’ tall gallery. Let yourself enjoy every detail of this incredible loft from the pictures below.