Thank you Freshome readers for telling us who your favorite artists are, as well as why you deserve to win Epic Studio‘s hand pulled silkscreen 2011 calendar prints on Hahnemühle fine art paper, size 42 x 59,4 cm. This edition is limited to 100 prints. Every single one is stamped, numbered and signed.

Thank you Epic Studio for offering these one of a kind calendars, and we know the 10 winners below will enjoy them!

The Winners are:

1.) Ro Clunies-Ross

James Turrell – Because he makes light work of everything…

because i will appreciate it as only an ex graphic, now interior designer could!

2.) David Boling

My favorite artist would have to Larry Boling. I am sure that is not a familiar name because his work has always been reserved for the few that has had the privilege of knowing him or has been around his home. For thirty years he channeled his artistic abilities into cartooning and raising the morale of those in the blue collar industry. The very limited other works hang on the walls of his home and those of his friends and family. But his greatest artistic achievement is his outlook on life and the artistic value that he has instilled in his family. For that I am especially thankful because he is my father and by far, my favorite artist.

This calendar would be a welcomed edition as unique and functional art in my home.

3.) Rachael Buresh

Daniel Rybakken – I ADORE his tinted mirror.

I just purchased an octagon house (super cool) and one of my rooms is black and white and the silkscreen would look fabulous next to the bed. My house is unique and the silkscreen print calendar is unique and functional:)

4.) Sungas K.

KOBY ‘s my favourite artist, I know your website from him.
So,I need 1st your calendar because I see your mistake on its and I ‘ll tell you when I get its .please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to your reply.

5.) Jon Paul White

My favorite artist is Frank Gehry.The design, creativity, and originality he has put into his work is beautiful. His buildings have stood out from the beginning of his work. They are so expressive and he does what he believes in and he doesn’t follow the same standard as others. Which I believe is what an artist should do. His work shows you that you can think out side, around and threw the box.

I believe I should be one of the finalists because I can and have always appreciated other peoples work. The Calender is more then a time table. This Epic Studio calender expresses who the artist is. It expresses who the owner is. There is so much thought and passion put into the design of this piece. Its a piece of art and not a piece of paper

6.) Nydya Mora

Favorite artist:Travis Bone!
Why: his work is very inspiring to me! From his illustration style to his color palettes, his screenprinting style is remarkably original. As a screen printing enthusiast, Travis Bone is a favorite for sure!

I’d love to get my chaotic life back to order in a beautifully efficient way!
What better way to achieve this than to hang one of these unique beauties on my wall!

7.) Pearo

My favorite artist right now is Lauren Clay, She work with painting and sculpture. I’m particularly interested in her sculptures, they are very simple yet complicate. She use stripe of colourful paper and paper mache them into a beautiful sculpture. The simplicity of the work draw me into looking at the material which draw me closer in looking at the detail of the work. It’s quite wonderful.

I should win this calendar because I love prints. I’m a student artist focusing on sculpture and print making. I love the simplicity of the print work. (And I love the smell of the print studio, all that paper and paint!) Where everything look so clean and simple but so much work have been put into the design, in a way, it is simple but it really isn’t. I think this calendar will be a great wall piece in my apartment which I am redecorating in a minimalist kind of way.  It will also be a great conversation starter, who wouldn’t love an interesting calendar like that?

8.) Robert Metoyer

I have always had a fondness for the minimalist work of Donald Judd. It was never so much about the forms that he presented, but rather the spaces he created with them. It inspired me as a young architecture student and I still try to think of his work when I approach a project.

The calender reminds me of that same dynamic. The plain black and white lettering gives the notion of positive/negative space that I really enjoy. Your meant to look at the lettering, but you can’t help but notice the space around it.

9.) Arete Design

My favorite artist is Remedios Varo. She had a wonderful sense of imagination and humour. Her surrealist paintings tell a story, and I love what I can read into them. (Other than that it would have to be Botero, for all those fat feet  )

I guess I should win one of the calendars because I have absolutely no idea what day it is.

10.) Kent

Banksy; because confusion is art in itself.


Official Guidelines:

  • Contest will run from Monday, April 18th – Monday, April 25th.

  • 10 Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 27th.

  • Each winner will have 24 hours to contact Freshome at: Admin @ Freshome . com to claim your prize information.