With enthusiasm and hard work, a gifted artist can create stunning things. What you are about to see is a fantastic toothpick sculpture depicting the life in San Francisco. Made from over 100,000 toothpicks over the course of 35 years, the “Rolling through the Bay” toothpick sculpture was created by Scott Weaver, an artist who has been building toothpick sculptures since he was 8 years old, back in 1968. The sculpture features four ping-pong balls that take you on a tour across the toothpick city. The idea for this sculpture came in 1974, when constructing a new sculpture, Scott Weaver added the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street, which had a ping-pong ball roll through it. Building on that idea, after a long and sinuous artistic journey, the “Rolling through the Bay” toothpick sculpture is finally done. The artist has worked on it on and off, staying busy with other projects too. You can see it on display in the Tinkering Studio. Until you get the chance to see it in front of you, enjoy the pictures below + watch the video at the end of the article !