Atelier Mecanic (Mechanical Workshop) is the name given to an interesting Romanian bar located in Bucharest. With an appealing exterior, based on the connection between the artistic expression of the past and modern entertainment, the Mechanical Workshop bar was designed by a young and dynamic Romanian architect, Corvin Cristian. The architects explains the choices made in arranging the interior and exterior of the bar: “Atelier Mecanic (Mechanical Workshop) is a bar made of 1950 to 1970 industrial relics, salvaged leftovers, graphics and original furniture. It is a take on the industrialization of the country during communism. Romanians have an uncomfortable relationship with their past which usually ends up in simply erasing it: factories were perceived as a symbol of communism and keeping some memories of it was by no means a priority after the Revolution.” The last tenant occupying the location was one of those Irish pubs that have become very common in Bucharest, and the area was filled until recently with small repair shops. The bar welcomes its guests with an accurate design that describes an era still present in the country’s everyday life. Take a look at the photos and see how 70 square meters can accommodate a bold design, inspired by history.