If you think your kitchen is only for cooking, think again. In most households the kitchen has become the center attraction of the home. Whether it is because cooking tends to bring people together, or because the kitchen area serves as a meeting, dining, task and multifunctional area on most days. Depending on your entertaining lifestyle the kitchen may be where you meet with friends over cooking Friday night appetizers or help your teenagers with homework. Here are tips for making your kitchen more multifunctional for you and all of the 100 others functions you’d like to do.

  • Preparation and serving: One of the best uses of a multifunctional kitchen is where food can be prepared, and well as served within the vicinity to maximize effort and space. Especially in small homes, and apartments, maximizing kitchen space is essential. Try and find kitchen counters that can double as task area for food preparation and plating dishes. For larger kitchens, an adjacent counter may be able to double as dining space with adjacent bar stools or chairs.
  • Versatile meets functional: With the onset and popularity of modular furniture and household components, kitchens are no exception. Work spaces housed on casters, or rollers, along with dining room tables that can double, as areas for home office work are great suggestions for the versatile household. Having a multifunctional kitchen also means sharing of space, and function. If you see a great looking work desk in a self-assembly catalog, use it for a dining room table or for a kitchen island. One piece of furniture, can serve many needs.
  • Combine education and leisure: Who says the kitchen has to be only about cooking? Why not incorporate open shelving for cookbooks, leisure and coffee table books for great place to be inspired as well as catch up on the latest recipes and fabulous interior kitchen ideas? Pair up your countertop with handy book shelving and display area below with chairs for enjoying conversation or taking in your favorite novel as you wait for dinner to cook. Combine your intellectual enjoyment with mindless entertainment, all in the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Let your finishes be multifunctional too: When you consider function, also think about multiple ways to make your interior finishes look and perform beautifully together. Add a personalized style into your kitchen with rustic touches like exposed overhead beams, wood floors, or weathered cabinetry. For a modern touch, sleek European cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and glossy lacquered look countertops can make a multifunctional kitchen have new meaning.

Your kitchen just got the needed boost you were looking for. By combining form, function, versatility, and leisure areas in your kitchen, cooking may become no longer a chore but a treasured experience. Look at your kitchen and invent ways to incorporate these tips into your home.  You never know how much time you spend in your kitchen until you lose track of time and hours are gone.  Why not enjoy the experience while you’re waiting for your meal? Life’s too short to wait around!

Freshome readers do you have a multifunctional kitchen? Let us know what ways you take advantage of it.