Who wouldn’t want to live in a superb apartment overlooking a river? Imagine all the details of a perfect living space brought together: lots of uncluttered space, exceptional furniture and a bright floor plan. Judy Goodger has this stunning 246m2 apartment for sale and all the pictures below show you just how little it takes for a place to become a home if you have the right kind of interior design. A riverside lifestyle filled with joy and serenity – this is what the apartment in Brisbane offers. Featuring three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, the apartment overlooking the New Farm has an open kitchen and living area that reach out to the surroundings through the terrace. Looking down from the apartment, lush gardens and an undulating river join the view of the beautiful city. With easy access to the pool area and having the marina so close by, the apartment seems to bring a resort-like lifestyle. Part of the Norman Reach complex, this loft is a stylish and comfortable place to relax after a hard day’s work.