For the family living here, this house named the Adams Fleming Residence is the perfect place to display their fine collections of modernist furniture and contemporary art. Located in Toronto, Canada, the modern home used to be part of an industrial site, but the collaboration between the inhabitants and the designers from Levitt Goodman Architects turned the building into a fantastic up to date home, complete with an artistic character borrowed from the owners – a graphic designer and a furniture designer. The entertaining parts of the house – living room, kitchen and dining room – are completely open to the outside world and hide the more private rooms – bedroom and bathrooms. These last ones were raised on a platform that solves the problem of storage throughout the house. Another storey added to the building contains a studio space for work and where the inhabitants can also enjoy their common passion – music.  The outside space completes this home’s optimistic character: an outdoor dining room, a fountain plunge pool, a vegetable garden, a French-style orchard, and many native plants and grasses – all of these create the perfect balance between nature and human habitat. 

Photography by Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.