Backsplashes have come a long way from their usual simple tile, or turn up return piece from the countertop. Today backsplashes command attention in the kitchen or bathroom, and are becoming more of a feature than a subtle backdrop. Depending on your décor style you can use a variety of materials, finishes and colors for your backsplash to coordinate with your space. Here are suggestions on how to choose a backsplash that will change your space before your eyes.

  • Don’t just go for the usual: While ceramic or porcelain tile still remain the most common materials chosen for backsplashes there are several other options to choose from.  Mosaic tiles that incorporate glass, ceramic and stones give an artisan feel, and custom mosaics are one of a kind. Glass tile is a beautiful addition to dark kitchens. The reflections of light off of backsplashes keep your kitchen bright and fun to be in.
  • Go bold: Ever wondered how bathrooms and kitchens can be transformed with a simple addition of a great backsplash? Metal backsplashes that use tin or metal ‘looking’ mosaics can add sparkle and a modern appeal. If you enjoy bold colors, opt for sharp contrasting color to the cabinetry or to the countertops. For added drama, use darker grout with metal backsplashes. For a more subtle look, use lighter grout to blend aesthetically.
  • Choose a backsplash that uses a flat surface: In many kitchens, granite slabs, concrete and glass backsplashes are a common substitute to segmented tiles. Flat backsplashes give your eye an uninterrupted view and work well for high ceiling kitchens that have expansive space. When using stone on vertical surfaces, ensure they are installed correctly by a general contractor or stone contractor.
  • Natural stone: For a more rustic look, natural stone can have a more chiseled and uneven feel. This is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens that want an organic and natural aesthetic. Corbelled tile looks more like stone or rock, and doesn’t have any specific pattern. Pair natural stone with travertine, concrete, or slate countertops for a gorgeous and rustic space.
  • Opt for new shapes: A great way your backsplash can change a space is by choosing backsplash patterns that aren’t just rectilinear.  Ceramic and glass tile come in random, polygonal, and shapes that have curves instead of 90 degree angles. Consider using these types of backsplashes where you want to add creative energy and conversation in the room. Kitchens usually gather people in conversation naturally and powder room bathrooms are a place to add dazzle in your home. These spaces are ideal for adding backsplashes that will be unforgettable and talked about long after your guests leave your home!

Backsplashes are a nice way to make a space come alive with color, or get subdued with soft tones. Choose your style and be creative. For under cabinet counters, use lighting to brighten the work surface as well as bring your backsplash alive. The most common mistake in putting up a show stopper backsplash is not providing ample light to showcase it!

Freshome reader’s what type of backsplash do you like? Have any cool ones you’d like to share? Leave us comments below.