Inspiring small apartments are extremely valuable in a global society with increasing lack of space in large urban areas. If you too have a small apartment and think that it seems to be less space every day, think about how it would be to live in a 450 square foot studio apartment like the one found on Monkeyzen. Versatility and compactness are the two words that describe this miniature apartment. Thanks to an ingenious space arrangement, the apartment has everything you need: living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, bathroom, pull-out work space, a closet, bookshelves, lighting, a sofa bed and an extra bed for guests. The inhabitant, Eric Schneider, is happy to have his own small Upper West Side studio apartment, after living for a year in one half as size in Japan. Designed by Normal Projects, the Unfolding Apartment is described by its creators as “Bigger than furniture; smaller than architecture “.  A large blue custom-made cabinet contains much of the fold-down and pull-out furniture of the apartment. The architects, friends of Eric’s, needed to comply with one major request: a Murphy bed, which they cleverly incorporated in the cabinetry piece. With Eric having friends over twice a week, he needed a space that would encompass an entertaining and comfortable lifestyle. His love for cooking was the reason for a well-planned kitchen, featuring a large counter that doubles as a dining table for three. The photos taken by Alan Tansey capture every detail and set an example for future projects.